AAI Steering Committee Presents New Strategic Direction

September 27, 2016 | The Aging Action Initiative(AAI) Steering Committee presented a new strategic direction to a key group of AAI Workgroup members. The Workgroup Gathering included key workgroup members for discussion and feedback of the 2.0 strategic plan.

Our vision is a county-wide, age-friendly environment, especially for those in need, collectively created by a strong, diverse network through a system-wide approach to education, advocacy, and coordinated services

AAI 1.0 focused on issue areas not already addressed by other groups: Nutrition, Mental Health & Dementia, Information & Assistance, Economic Security. Four workgroups were created across each issue area. Workgroup members co-created collective actions that could be planned and completed within one year.


AAI 2.0 will focus on bringing the voice of aging to every community issue. Workgroup members will co-create joint outreach and advocacy; and set and track system-wide collective impact objectives. The goal is to unite existing initiatives and services to address the aging crisis in Marin.

It was also announced that the Steering Committee and County of Marin seeks a person or organization to provide leadership, coordination and administrative support to the Aging Action Initiative. To read about the Request for Proposal, click here.


If you or your organization is interested in learning more about AAI or joining the Initiative, write support@agingactioninitiative.org or call MARINSPACE, the collaboration support coordinator, at 415-492-9444.

About Aging Action Initiative

Aging Action Initiative (AAI) is a collective effort of over 65 different agencies, grassroots organizations, commission and neighborhood groups, funded by the County of Marin and coordinated by MarinSpace, collaborating for an age-friendly environment. For more information visit agingactioninitiative.org or connect with us on Facebook.

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About Aging in Marin

Why have we created this Website?

Most of us, with a little luck, will grow old. For some it’s an adventure, for others, a challenge — and for most — a bit of both. Today one in four residents of Marin is 60 years or older and by 2030, one in three residents will be a senior. There are many individuals and organization working together to address this changing demographic.\

The Aging in Marin website was created and is maintained by MarinSpace as part of our ongoing effort to increase the collaborative capacity of our community organizations.It is a collection of information about the various collaborative efforts underway throughout Marin to support healthy active living for all older adults.

Why is this important?

The 2013/14 Grand Jury examined Marin County’s ability to provide for its senior citizens, especially those who require support to live safe and healthy lives. A 2013 AARP article looks at the aging of the Baby Boom and the Growing Care Gap, one of the consequences will be that, as our population ages, service demands will rise. The Buck Institute for Research on Aging seeks to enhance lengthen the healthy years of life.

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