Mental Health & Dementia: Detect & Connect

When interacting with older adults, it’s helpful to know how to detect behaviors that might reflect mental health or dementia issues, and how to compassionately respond and connect them to resources. The Aging Action Initiative’s Detect & Connect Workshop is targeted to this need.

The Detect & Connect Workshop focuses first on Detection, including normal aging vs. abnormal aging behavior, to provide insight to identify symptoms and observable behaviors. The workshop then focuses on Connection, including how best to respond in the moment to the observable behavior with empathy and compassion and effective communication techniques. The workshop also provides appropriate support services in the community.

The three hour interactive Workshop is taught by two trained facilitators. Sign up below to receive more information.

In addition, periodically, the Aging Action Initiative provides training for people interested in participating in the Detect & Connect Workshop. People interested in being a facilitator may sign up below for information about the 2018 workshop training sessions.

The Detect & Connect Program was created and produced by the members of the Aging Action Initiative Mental Health & Dementia Workgroup. The Aging Action Initiative (AAI) is a collective of over 100 different agencies, grassroots organizations, commissions and neighborhood groups in Marin. For more information about AAI, visit

To learn more, please fill out the form below to receive information about how your company, organization or group can sponsor a Detect & Connect Workshop, or how to become a workshop facilitator: