Coordinated and Collective Action Resources

Collective Action

One of the features that makes the Acting Action Initiative unique is its focus on inspiring and facilitating collective action. While acting together we can achieve greater impact than acting alone, it is not easy and requires a different set of skills and resources than we typically employ within our individual organizations. Based on feedback at the work group meetings and the first convening, there is both a great deal of motivation to act in concert with one another as well as a healthy skepticism about how that will be achieved. To assist the group in thinking about working together in a different way MarinSpace has compiled some resources on collective impact. Click on “Collective Impact” in the tag list on the right to see these resources.

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An Interactive Timeline of Reports & Research on Aging in Marin

Timeline Library

Below is a comprehensive directory of needs assessments and community studies related to aging in Marin

Developed from the MARINSPACE 2014-2015 Shared Space & Services Study is this timeline library. It includes all of the needs assessments and community studies that have been done on Aging in Marin. Direct links to the reports can be found at the end of each description. You can also click here to view the timeline in a full screen version.

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AAI Roadmap

AAI Roadmap

Vision: A county-wide age-friendly environment, especially for those in need, collectively created by a strong network of aging service providers through public education, policy advocacy, and service coordination.

Issue Focus Areas

  • Nutrition & Food
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Dementia & Cognitive Impairment
  • Information & Care Coordination

Initial 6 month Planning Timeline:

  • Work group Launch – Oct
  • Identify Possible Actions – Nov
  • First Convening of All Work groups – Nov/Dec
  • Develop Action Plans – Dec/Jan (1-3 mtgs)
  • Final Convening of All Work groups – Jan/Feb

Initial 6 month Planning Objectives:

  • Transition into Action
  • Build & Strengthen relationships
  • Identify 1-3 doable, tangible, “pilot or prototype” actions
  • Develop Action Plans for First Year Implementation
  • Assess Feasibility of Ongoing AAI

Scope (First Year Action Plans):

  • Actions Launched and in Process
  • Policy and/or Advocacy Plans
  • Joint Education, Outreach, Information & Resource Referral or Assistance
  • Funding Identified and/or Secured
  • Program/Service Coordination Plan
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