Collective Impact from Vision to Implementation

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Collective Impact from Vision to Implementation

Posted on Collective Impact Forum, May 2014…

“Collective impact is fundamentally not about creating a whole new initiative, but rather connecting and strengthening existing efforts and filling gaps.”

“Quick wins are important for demonstrating the value of collective work, keeping people engaged, and building support”

Forming a steering committee and creating a common agenda is hard work.  However, what happens after the vision has been agreed upon?  How do you create an infrastructure that can make progress toward achieving the common agenda?

This transition in the life of an initiative is the subject of the article Committing to Collective Impact: From Vision to Implementation. In the article, written as a practical tool for practitioners, David Phillips (Consultant, FSG) and Jennifer Splansky Juster (Director, FSG and The Collective Impact Forum) discuss:

  • The structure for implementing collective impact
  • Considerations when determining which working groups to create to pursue the common agenda, and when to launch them
  • How to identify stakeholders best suited to serve on working groups
  • How working groups can succeed in their first six months.

The article appears in the spring edition of Community Investments, which is dedicated entirely to the theme of “collective action for community development.”  Community Investments is a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and widely read in the community development field.

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Collective Impact Overview Video’s

Collective Impact

What is collective impact? How is it different from other forms of collaboration? We know that these questions aren’t always easy to answer, even for collective impact practitioners.

John Kania, Managing Partner of FSG, and Liz Weaver, Vice President, Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement, engage in a lively discussion about the role of Backbone infrastructure in Collective Impact. Questions from backbone leaders are also addressed at the 39:43 mark.

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Coordinated and Collective Action Resources

Collective Action

One of the features that makes the Acting Action Initiative unique is its focus on inspiring and facilitating collective action. While acting together we can achieve greater impact than acting alone, it is not easy and requires a different set of skills and resources than we typically employ within our individual organizations. Based on feedback at the work group meetings and the first convening, there is both a great deal of motivation to act in concert with one another as well as a healthy skepticism about how that will be achieved. To assist the group in thinking about working together in a different way MarinSpace has compiled some resources on collective impact. Click on “Collective Impact” in the tag list on the right to see these resources.

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