Senior Corps RSVP – Notice of Funding Opportunity

DEADLINE: April 4, 2017 | The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) seeks to increase the impact of national service in one or more counties across the country.

CNCS intends to fund RSVP grants that support volunteers age 55 years and older in activities that serve community needs and respond to the National Performance Measures in the following focus areas: disaster; education; economic opportunity; environment; healthy futures; and veterans and military families. In addition to addressing one or more of the Focus Areas above, which is a requirement, CNCS is particularly interested in supporting applications that propose to include one or more of the priorities listed below.

Elder Justice: Applicants focus on the Elder Justice Act priorities by placing volunteers in assignments that mitigate the potential that clients and caregivers served by RSVP volunteers will be victims of financial fraud, abuse, and/or neglect and/or that provide assistance and support services to victims of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Education—Intergenerational Programming: Applicants address ways to increase older adult engagement with young people in the areas of school readiness and K-12 success.

Access to Care—Opioid Abuse: Applicants address ways to increase access to care and participation in health education, including prevention activities, related to opioid abuse.

Aging in Place—Transportation: Applicants focus on the access to preventive/medical appointments or other services that allow them to live independently.

Economic Opportunity—Housing: Applicants contribute to the provision of services for individuals who are economically-disadvantaged, including individuals who are homeless, to transition into safe, healthy, affordable housing.

To learn more about this funding notice, including a list of funding opportunities by State, visit the CNCS website.

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Major Milestone for an Age-Friendly Marin

December 20, 2016 | As cities around the world and cities around the Bay Area are looking into ways to become more age-friendly, Sausalito has reached a major milestone in achieving it.

Sausalito has become the first city in Marin to approve an age-friendly action plan to assist seniors in the coming years. Using the World Health Organization’s Global Age-Friendly Cities Guide, the city’s Age-Friendly Task Force crafted a plan with the hope that some elements could be included in the general plan.


The task force began meeting in April 2013 and created a survey to determine how Sausalito would be accessible and inclusive for its older residents. Using the World Health Organization’s eight domains for an age-friendly city, the group came up with which domain areas on which to focus.

The Age-Friendly Sausalito Community Action Plan will be forwarded to the World Health Organization for approval and be considered by city officials as they develop city plans, including the general plan.

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Heart of Marin 2017 Excellence in Innovation Award Nominee

November 15, 2016 | AAI has been nominated for the Excellence in Innovation Award as part of the Heart of Marin Awards produced by the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Management (CVNL) and presenting sponsor Union Bank. The Heart of Marin Awards recognizes outstanding nonprofits and the committed individuals who serve them.

The Excellence in Innovation Award and $5,000 will be presented to an individual, organization or partnership that has developed new, creative and effective strategies for advancing solutions to critical issues in our community

AAI has been nominated because of our unique collaborative approach to addressing the needs of Marin’s rapidly aging population.

1. Inclusion as Innovation
From start to finish, AAI engages in a comprehensive, collaborative process. Nearly all of the county’s aging service providers and many other related government and nonprofit agencies such as Marin Transit, The Agricultural Institute of Marin,, the Marin Community Foundation and Marin Housing Authority (just to name a few) are working together as members of AAI. This inclusive process has initiated a paradigm shift in the way that planners, nonprofit executives, and government staff approach both the way services are provided and how they are funded.

2. A Ready Fire Aim Strategy
Unlike many collaborative endeavors that get mired down in long-range strategic planning and analysis, AAI intentionally focuses on action. A Ready Fire Aim strategy was employed so that implementation could be planned and launched in a year (or less). While the action items chosen by the four initial workgroups leveraged existing needs assessment data, the collective wisdom of the group, and the individual organizational strengths of the agencies involved, the underlying premise is based on learning by doing and building relationships through actions not just words. This rapid prototyping strategy allows participants to act quickly, learn from those actions, and then be ready to implement course corrections as problems arise.

3. The Collective Impact Model

Rather than relying solely on County leadership or a key funder, AAI participants are following the innovative and successful Collective Impact model. This model is based on the idea that in order difference-between-collaboration-and-collective-impactfor organizations to create lasting solutions to social problems on a large scale, they need to coordinate their efforts working cross-sector. Unlike collaboration or partnership, Collective Impact initiatives have centralized infrastructure – known as a backbone organization – with dedicated staff whose role is to help participating organizations shift from acting alone to acting in concert. AAI is supported by a cross-sector Steering Committee composed of leaders from: Marin County’s Aging and Adult Services Department, Marin Community Foundation (MCF), Whistlestop, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Senior Access, Marin Commission on Aging, West Marin Senior Services, and a community leader involved in older-adult multicultural issues. The overall process is supported by MARINSPACE, a neutral, cause-agnostic, backbone organization with 20+ years’ experience developing and managing collaborative infrastructure and co-location facilities. The White House Council for Community Solutions has recognized the potential of the Collective Impact model to play a major role in transforming the ways in which communities approach their social problems.

The Heart of Marin Awards Luncheon will take place at the Marin Center Exhibit Hall from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m on Thursday, January 12, 2017. To purchase tickets, click here.

About Aging Action Initiative

Aging Action Initiative (AAI) is a collective effort of over 65 different agencies, grassroots organizations, commission and neighborhood groups, funded by the County of Marin and coordinated by MARINSPACE, collaborating for an age-friendly environment. For more information visit or connect with us on Facebook.

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AAI Steering Committee Presents New Strategic Direction

September 27, 2016 | The Aging Action Initiative(AAI) Steering Committee presented a new strategic direction to a key group of AAI Workgroup members. The Workgroup Gathering included key workgroup members for discussion and feedback of the 2.0 strategic plan.

Our vision is a county-wide, age-friendly environment, especially for those in need, collectively created by a strong, diverse network through a system-wide approach to education, advocacy, and coordinated services

AAI 1.0 focused on issue areas not already addressed by other groups: Nutrition, Mental Health & Dementia, Information & Assistance, Economic Security. Four workgroups were created across each issue area. Workgroup members co-created collective actions that could be planned and completed within one year.


AAI 2.0 will focus on bringing the voice of aging to every community issue. Workgroup members will co-create joint outreach and advocacy; and set and track system-wide collective impact objectives. The goal is to unite existing initiatives and services to address the aging crisis in Marin.

It was also announced that the Steering Committee and County of Marin seeks a person or organization to provide leadership, coordination and administrative support to the Aging Action Initiative. To read about the Request for Proposal, click here.


If you or your organization is interested in learning more about AAI or joining the Initiative, write or call MARINSPACE, the collaboration support coordinator, at 415-492-9444.

About Aging Action Initiative

Aging Action Initiative (AAI) is a collective effort of over 65 different agencies, grassroots organizations, commission and neighborhood groups, funded by the County of Marin and coordinated by MarinSpace, collaborating for an age-friendly environment. For more information visit or connect with us on Facebook.

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Transit Plans for Marin Seniors Needs Your Input

July 18, 2016 | Voters in Marin County have made it clear that supporting senior mobility is a priority. Dedicated local funding for this purpose has been approved through ballot measures, Measure A and Measure B. These funds are entrusted to Marin Transit, the provider and a central coordinator for public transportation within Marin County.

The Transit District subsequently assumed a major role to meet the transportation needs of older adults and people with disabilities

In 2015, Marin Transit initiated an internal assessment of its programs serving seniors and people with disabilities. These programs fall under the umbrella of “Marin Access” and include Marin Access paratransit; volunteer driver programs STAR, TRIP and Carepool; and Catch-A-Ride, our taxi subsidy program. The purpose of this study was to learn more about our riders, how they are utilizing our services, what aspects of our programs are working for our riders, how the services are performing, and what changes in policy or programs will improve mobility management in Marin County.

This is your chance to impact transit plans for Marin seniors

The draft report is the result of this work and presents ten key recommendations for the future of Marin Access programs and transit plans for Marin seniors. Marin Transit invites stakeholders and community partners to submit written or verbal comments and feedback on the report before they ask the Board of Directors to adopt a final draft on Monday August 15, 2016.

Provide comments by one of the following:

1. Attend

Marin Mobility Consortium

Tuesday August 2, 2016

10:00 am – 11:30 am

Northgate Mall Community Room

5800 Northgate Mall

San Rafael, CA

2. Email

Erin McAuliff at by Friday August 5, 2016.


Final adoption of the plan is anticipated at the August Board meeting:

Marin County Transit District Board Meeting

Monday August 15, 2016

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Board of Supervisors Chambers, Room 330

3501 Civic Center Drive

San Rafael, CA

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