All About Aging

Aging in Marin – 30% by 2030

Most of us, with a little luck, will grow old. For some it’s an adventure, for others, a challenge — and for most — a bit of both. Our county has the oldest population in the Bay Area, aging more than one-and-a-half times faster than the rest of the state. By 2030 more than 33% of Marin’s citizens will be over 60 years old and about 14% of us will be over 75. Soon, for the first time in history, there will be more people on this planet over the age of 65 than under the age of 5.

An Interactive Timeline of Reports & Research on Aging in Marin

Below is a comprehensive directory of needs assessments and community studies related to aging in Marin

Developed from the MARINSPACE 2014-2015 Shared Space & Services Study is this timeline library. It includes all of the needs assessments and community studies that have been done on Aging in Marin. Direct links to the reports can be found at the end of each description. You can also click here to view the timeline in a full screen version.